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Best days for event - Sygnum - 01-15-2019

Taking a poll to see what day(s) are best for people.

RE: Best days for event - Sygnum - 01-15-2019

Also looking for players to give opinions on the types of events they would like to see happen. IE: PVP, PVE, Scavenger Hunts, Ranger/Scout, Lottery, Death Dice, etc.

None of these events are intended to flood the server with loots or resources. And will all be pre-approved loots by Toxic before being added into game.

Ranger/Scout events will likely involve a custom made creature type, that will drop a set yield, and will be dropped some where randomly on a the planet that has said resource type. One creature will be dropped, it will be announced, and it will be up to the community to group up, and go find it. Depending on what best time/day is best for players this may have an AM/PM (twice only) Just to be fair. We wont be flooding the server with creature type resources, just giving a chance to make sure that if a spawn happen and its either on a really low yield creature, or the planet doesn't have that creature type on it, that you get an option. It will be up to the players to let me know when something like this has happened.

RE: Best days for event - Sygnum - 02-02-2019

Thank you for your votes. Looks like Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday's.

Stay tune for the upcoming event.