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Server Event : 04/12 (Wednesday Evening) - Sygnum - 02-12-2019

Type: Ranger/Scout EventĀ  (Depending on precipitation, might host again Sunday evening, but only if weak turn out due to 24 hour notice)

Time: 8:00 PM EST
Planet: Will be announced, tho I expect some of you might have an idea.

The reason for the short notice is, basically the best time I can set up the even it going to be Wed or Thurs. And Thurs being Vday, I assume alot of players would be out this day.

Other Notes: The Creatures that are spawned in this event will be limited, as to not flood the server with resources.

RE: Server Event : 04/12 (Wednesday Evening) - Sygnum - 02-16-2019

This event has been continued until till Monday night, 7pm est.