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Returning player - Ajos - 11-24-2019

I'm glad to see this server is still going. I've just gotten back into the game as of a few days ago. Seems everyone is living in Korrivan on Tat. I used the instant transport to check out Beast City and I'm in the middle of Dath with no city. Is there anything on the server that has changed since I left around last February-ish?

RE: Returning player - TOXIC - 11-26-2019

New bosses, new quests, few new professions, new gray jedi , automatic player stat tracking with top player stats, stat page, fully automated galaxy harvester resources, automated custom resource page with all current server resource spawns, more will be added soon, working on quests, bosses, loot, custom items, creatures, and a few more additions to the custom planets we added.