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Trying to promote furry - RRCasey - 04-03-2020

Greetings all, I'm trying to promote server so I can try to bring in some friends and other players to the server. I'm adding some info to my site about the server but I'm stuck on player cities. If you all would be so nice to let me know who the mayors are of these cities so incoming players looking at my site will know who to seek out if they wish to join the said player city.

Janta Town
Intas Minor
Hill Top
Shadow Falls

Thanks Casey

RE: Trying to promote furry - Voxxy - 04-04-2020

Bastion, Dantooine - Mayor Ashbringer

RE: Trying to promote furry - hoesch - 04-07-2020

Orion Dawn (Lok) - Mayor Hoesch