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Adding Forum Account To Game Server - TOXIC - 08-11-2017

Here is the process to adding your approved forum account to the actual Live game server database.
  • Step 1.) [Image: Y3AmRhv.png] on the forum home page Locate the Welcome "User name" Select the Drop Down arrow

  • Step 2.) [Image: I9ZVVHq.png]Locate your User CP select this option in green

  • step 3.) [Image: 4D5KvVL.png] Locate on the left-hand side Under Miscellaneous SWGFlurry Account Setup, Once you click this it should say user account added to the database. Done!

  • Step 4.) Log into the Live game Server with your Forum Account Name and the same password you use to log into the forums. You can also change the password in your settings if you ever need to as well.