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WTB Resources! Updated 11-9 - IceWarden - 11-05-2018

Want to make some passive income on this ironman server?? Look no further, I'm buying the below listed resources, and at great prices!!

  1. Vake - Low-Grade Ore (2cpu)
  2. Peniide - Aluminum (2cpu)
  3. Badi - Iron (4cpu)
  4. Liskapreism - Inert Petrochemical (2cpu)
  5. Tepiide - Polysteel Copper (2cpu)
  6. Behieene - Reactive Gas (3cpu)
  7. Slydaian - Crystalized Gemstone (2cpu)
  8. Fiafy - Steel (2cpu)

    Storefront is now open! Warden's Armory can be located at -91, -5796 on Corellia, just south of Coronet Starport!

    You may offer up your resources to my vendor in 5,000 quantity increments, and I will buy them! If you would like to sell in bulk for bulk pricing, please contact me directly. In-game name is "Ice" or my Discord name is "IceWarden"

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to doing business with you!

    CEO - Warden's Armory