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Flurry Test Server (Guide)
Hello Everyone,

We now have a live test server. We will be able to test code and changes before they hit the live server. This will help us reduce any server breaking changes that could hurt the live server and can't be undone. We will be pushing test updates to the server as we get develop it. Please help us in testing these changes.  

With that being said, how do you get on the test server? Well step 1. is to close and open your launcher, open it and have it run a check. It will download a new cfg file. Once that is done, you will need to navigate to your Flurry folder itself.

Open the Furry folder and look for a file called swgemu_login.cfg (if you have never edited a cfg file before, it may look like a blank icon, you only need open it up and windows will ask you what program you would like to open this file with. You will need to open it with notepad.)  

Once you have the file open you will see this bit of code.

#REMOVE THE # To Join Either Live Or Test Server Live Is Set To Default Remember To Replace The # Infront Of The Ip That You Do not Want To Join.
#Flurry Live Server
#Flurry Test Server

As the instructions say, you will need to remove the # from the Flurry Test Server loginServerAddress, and place that # on the FlurryLive loginServerAddress. Like this

#Flurry Live Server
#Flurry Test Server

Then save the file and close it.  Then launch the game and play.  Your accounts are currently on the test server as of 03/10/2020, as that's the version of database the server is currently using.

To get back on the live server, you will need to do the reverse of this.  By moving the # from the test server loginServerAddress, and removing it from the liveServerAddress. Then save the file once again and when you open the client it will then again connect to the live server.

Alternatively, you can make a copy of your flurry folder and paste it into a Flurry Test folder and make the change just in just that folder. However, if we make changes to the TRE files, you will need to copy them over into the test folder.

We will, at some point, have an option in the launcher to swap between servers easier. But, it will be a bit before we can edit the program.

If you have any questions or get stuck in one of the processes, let us know in discord.
Are there frogs on the test server so we can test stuff??

The frogs give you resources, equipment, training, etc. 

Thanks in advance

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