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Server Rules
1.) 1 Account Per IP

3 Characters logged in Max per account
10 Characters Max created per account
Players who have more than one account per IP will be immediately removed from the server along with all progress linked to the accounts.

2.) Server chat
Any unacceptable behavior in chat will result in 24-hour chat mute
Continuing to obstruct chat rules will result in permanent public chat privileges being removed.

3.) Server Fight Clubbing
Any JEDI fight clubbing will result in the Resetting of your Jedi FRS Exp back to 0.

"You can earn Legit FRS exp From PVP Or Killing Opposing FRS Members"


Using third-party applications, game modifications, etc, to alter game mechanics/gain advantage is deemed as hacking. If we witness players doing so, your account will be immediately banned and IP address blacklisted from game server and forums.

[Image: giphy.gif]
Additional community rules, from Discord

Community Rules:
1.)Be respectful of all community members! Disrespectful comments/jokes will not be tolerated.
2.)Respect the SWGFlurry staff.(Admin's,Dev's,CSR's, EC's etc...) It is their responsibility to enforce the rules of the community, regardless of your agreement or disagreement with that enforcement. Harassment of and/or disrespectful comments/jokes about staff members will not be tolerated.
3.)Harassment and/or Bullying of any kind toward any community member will not be tolerated.
4.)Discrimination/Harassment of any kind based on, but not limited to: Race, Religion, Nationality, Sexual Orientation, Sexual Preference, Gender, Age etc... will not be tolerated.
5.)Offensive, Inappropriate, Disrespectful or "Off-color" comments/jokes will not be tolerated.
6.)Discussion of Politics, Religion, Race and/or other highly contentious topics is strictly prohibited.
7.)Posting inappropriate/offensive images, stickers and/or GIF's in any of our community Discord channels or forums will not be tolerated.
8.)Inappropriate/Offensive Discord Nicknames, Forum Nicknames, In-game Character names, In-game item names, In-game structure names, In-game City Names and/or In-game pet names will not be tolerated.
9.) Because common courtesy and it appears NO OTHER server has this rule.. During events, PVP is suspended. If you decide to test the rules you will find your character/account frozen for the duration of the event. Continuing issues will keep your account frozen until the event host decides so unfreeze you.

Violation of any of the above listed rules will result in the following:
1st Violation: 24hr mute.
2nd Violation: 48hr mute.
3rd Violation: 72hr ban.
4th Violation: Perma ban.
SWGFlurry Co-Owner and Developer

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