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Looking for Doctor/CN resources **Updated**

I'm looking for the following resources, anyone have some stockpiled and can spare a few?

OQ/DR 75/25: 
Titanium Aluminum 
Eleton Reactive Gas

OQ DR 50/50:
Class 1 Radioactive
Tolium Reactive Gas

OQ/DR 67/33:
Class 2 Liquid Petro Fuel
Yavinian Fiberplast


OQ/PE 76/33 (CD/UT are bonus on these)
Liquid Petrochem Fuel
Non-Ferrous Metal
Insect Meat

OQ/PE 67/33:
Lokian WIld Wheat
Tatooine Fiberplast
Herbivore Meat
Class 4 Liquid Petro Fuel
Talusian Water
Dant Berry Fruit
Dolovite Iron
Domesticated Oats

Willing to pay reasonable or a bit above reasonable prices for the above resources if anyone has some. 

I don't need extreme amounts, even 10-20k of each would last me a very very long time. 

Contact Faustie or Faustus ingame Smile 


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Looking for Doctor/CN resources **Updated** - by MrFaustie - 12-12-2019, 08:41 PM

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