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1/10/2019 Community meeting Breakdown
Thank you all who joined in our first community meeting, we will be having a server meeting at least once a month, Here are some of the things we discussed during our meeting.

Future of the Server
We all discussed that the server will be slowly taking off, Changes will be rolled out based off of community input but ultimately implementation will fall on the hands of Toxic, we had a lot of input on what direction the server will be heading since it launched as a vanilla server. We are going to keep true to the 14.1 code and make small changes to improve gameplay for players since there are limitations within the 14.1 code. Any and all changes will be implemented and balanced around the current 14.1  mechanics/stats meaning if we add weapons or armor or anything new it would be balanced around the already end game content. This will allow us to stay true within 14.1 and not have to ultimately rebalance the entire end game. As stated in the meeting I will be doing an overhaul of the combat upgrade items and NGE items to the server allowing players to loot all of these items as draft schematics giving incentive for crafters to build new things and provide items to push the economy that much further this will also give a huge boost for Pve players who want to loot new things.

All of the changes we ever make to the live server will always be placed on our server road map before hitting the Live server. This is important because it allows you to see what is already on the server, what is coming, and what is planned for the future, please give me some time to start ramping up the road map a bit since some of the ideas are not on paper yet but are coming soon. 

You can follow our server road map here https://trello.com/b/fawSAKWE/swg-flurry-classic-server

Server Changes 
The current server changes from our last meeting were as followed
Max characters logged in increased from 1 online to 2 Max.
Max characters created per account increased from 2 to 3 Max

These were the only changes that were implemented from the discussion at our meeting. Keep in mind the server started with 1 character online max  2 characters max created. This was talked about for 2 months, we all as a community decided that the current change will be the final change that will help the server grow. Everyone agrees that this topic will never be revisited again if you are concerned about this changing in the future don't be, we will never be changing these features ever again.

Server Platform Moving Foward
Moving forward our current and final server platform will Only Offer 
1 account per Ip
2 character max online
3 characters max Created per account

If you have any questions or concerns please leave them below and I will respond when I have some more free time. Next meeting I will try to record it so transparency is a bit more open with the community for those who miss the meetings.

Thank you, everyone involved in the community for making Flurry a fun place to play. See you in game!
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