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Secret Santa
Christmas is coming up soon, Santa will be making his way into the galaxy in just a few weeks, If you would like to have Santa visit you this year, please write a detailed message below stating what you would like from him. Dont forget to include your /way with your proper planet and coordinates to your house so he knows exactly where to drop off your presents.

Event Ends:Thursday, December 26
[Image: giphy.gif]
what i want from santa is pearls and holocorns...i been a good boy this year,I kill alot of rebels to make this world a better place for all the girls and boys....

korrivan,tatooine wp: -1643,-5432

love ziplog
Dear Santa Toxic,

All I want for Christmas is Jump to Light Speed,with a Heavy X Wing for Blowing those Naughty IMPs out of the Sky. Wink

If that is not doable,  I would love some Faster ground vehicles, Light Bending BARC Speeder, Basilisk War Droid if possible?
Some of the different Kick Butt Melee / 1HS   weapons with different base damage .. ie  cold/ blast / heat / stun.  

Thank You 

Santa Toxic


-2763, 0, 5531
Dear Santa,

First, thank you bringing me a fun new server to play on this year. That was a great present Big Grin

Edit: I actually bought the houses I had asked for from Jonathan!  Other than that I didn't really need much Big Grin 

I have to keep editing this, cause thanks to Skeletor I got my barrels!

How about for the resources so we can make good weaps and good CM meds?

Currently residing in Korrivan at -1800 -5359 Tatooine.
Dear Santa,

I am new here and enjoying your server and I would like a color crystal, a pearl and a holocron.

My house is located on Tatooine at -1763, -5868

Thank you and Merry Christmas.
I have to thank Santa for all the fun stuff on the server ,TY Santa.
I guess the only thing I would ask for is a Sith Speeder to blast around on.
My house is at -1689 -5428 in City of Kora
First.. a Mic for Toxic..
Second Custom Gray Jedi Robe
Third a pod racer.

House Location - -1561 -5302 Korrivan, Tatooine
i live at -1770 -5120
I live at 1313 mocking bird lane korrivan,Tatoonie waypoint -1770 -5120 all I wish for is jedi toughness ca's or aa's my poor gray jedi is bare
Hi Santa!

I would like either a Barn or a Diner house.

I do not have a house yet but my husband Faustie has a house at -1742 -5416 in Korrivan!


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