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Secret Santa
Thanks a lot, was a big surprise!
Those present boxes were legit! Thanks!
(12-20-2019, 08:01 PM)Rankin Wrote: I have to thank Santa for all the fun stuff on the server ,TY Santa.
I guess the only thing I would ask for is a Sith Speeder to blast around on.
My house is at -1689 -5428 in City of Kora

(12-02-2019, 11:32 PM)TOXIC Wrote: Christmas is coming up soon, Santa will be making his way into the galaxy in just a few weeks, If you would like to have Santa visit you this year, please write a detailed message below stating what you would like from him. Dont forget to include your /way with your proper planet and coordinates to your house so he knows exactly where to drop off your presents.

Event Ends:Thursday, December 26

is it too late to let Santa know that MissPiggie and Pamehoe wants a hoodie.  And thanks for your hard work keeping this game going.  my waypoint is Corellia -6095, 0, -3113, that is my houses, all of them, peace
(12-23-2019, 07:13 PM)Donder Wrote: I want Toxic and Etov to actually sit down and play sometime this week! Need not be at the same time.  I just want them to get out and enjoy the game.

Everything else I want is dropping in game. I will get them eventually.

Just resources. I have the Jedi jewelry and the Robes. All I need is resources, like a whole bunch of server worst low-grade ore.

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