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Gray Jedi
*** NOTICE***
Until we have an updated guide for grey jedi written up please be careful following this guide, as some steps in it will bug your character.  The biggest thing is.. DO NOT USE THE GTS TO TRAVEL TO THE VILLAGE.. DO NOT GO TO THE VILLAGE UNTIL YOU HAVE GOTTEN THE WAYPOINT FROM THE SITH AT THE SITH CAMP.

Also, do not use the trainer to unlock grey jedi, they will give you the rank of grey novice, but they will not give you the lives needed to play the class.  You NEED to use a holocron to unlock jedi, which wont open the option until you have completed the intro quest to the village and have the WP.


 ***If you are currently a Light/Dark Jedi, it will be hard to go back to it if you decide to start Down the Gray Path. You will loose your trainer, and may need admin assistance to fully drop Gray. If you are Gray, and decide to drop it for another profession, you will still have a -Limit of THREE Lives-, unless an Admin can reset that for you. So please consider this before you make changes.

 Differences between Gray Jedi and Light/Dark Jedi:

 Gray Jedi get 3 lives. These can be replenished by using a Holocron. Just left click (hold) on the Holocron, and drag the cursor over option '5' 'Reveal Encrypted Data', then select 'Increase Jedi Lives'. I keep a few Holocrons on me, just in case. ***You -MUST- use this option before 'Perma Death". It will bring you up to a Maximum of 3 lives, never more. So, don;t waste it if you already have 3 lives.
 Light/Dark Jedi are not restricted in deaths.

 Light/Dark Jedi must be careful of their Visibility, for they may end up on the Bounty Hunter Terminals. They can check their visibility w/ option '5' on a Holocron.
 Gray Jedi do not get on the Terminals, so can swing that saber in crowded places all they want. Though, a player can still place a bounty on you if you kill them.

 Light/Dark Jedi are limited by Skill Points in which Jedi Skills that can buy.
 Gray Jedi is 'All In', for 250 Skill Points you get all of the skills. All of them.

 Light/Dark Jedi knights -MUST- declare for a side, and are Special Forces at all times. In other words, are able to be attacked by opposing faction SF players at any time.
 Gray Jedi are not forced into PvP action, but may declare for a faction, and gain rank. They may also go Special Forces and join in on the Galactic Civil War.

  Now I will try to guide you down the path to Gray Jedi, as there is nothing on the Internet about it.

First, ALL potential Jedi must unlock access the Aurillian Village on Dathomir! The trainers for Gray Jedi are in the village. Everyone can travel there, but you have to unlock to train.

The main Forum page has a link to Unlocking Jedi on the Flurry Server.

Jedi Initiates can start the path to the Trials (Light/Dark) w/out having a Holocron at this point.

If you want to go the path of Gray Jedi, you must obtain a Holocron. The quests at the Jedi Temple on Dantooine is a good place to start. Also the Force Crystal Hunter Cave on Dantooine if you are not part of a faction (or if you are).

After this, drop all of you skills. It takes 250 skill points just to start Gray Jedi. You can use copy/paste (cntrl c/v) on the line you type YES (or just y) in, so this helps a lot. Even better, you do not have to remap your keybinding to do this.
You can also use another way here (copiable macros):


Now that you have a Holo, and are unlocked for FS, left click (hold) on the Holocron, and drag the cursor over option '5' 'Reveal Encrypted Data', then select 'Unlock Gray Jedi'. This will actually give you Gray Jedi Novice, and allow you start gaining Jedi xp, you can craft a tool and your saber now. It also allows you to start gaining Jedi XP.

Now go out and use that Saber! As you cannot use Special Jedi attacks and abilities while wearing armor, but do not have any specials yet, go ahead and wear armor! You can build up 50,000,000 (yes, 50 million) xp w/out training. So, go ahead and bank that xp, get enough to by all of the initial tier and well into the second one. At least enough to buy a box w/ an area attack, and maybe some defenses.

The initial trainer is 'a Gray Jedi Trainer' in the back of the only hut in the Village w/ NPCs in it. Right next to the port-in location. Even if it is Phase 4, Village Attack, you should be able to go from the port-in to the hut to train, and then to the GTS to port out. Unsure if it safe? Cntrl + M, if you see a bunch of yellow dots/triangles then the attack is going on.

You may find you cannot log into your Gray Jedi but can on other characters, this may be Perma Death. If you get bugged and end up in 'Perma Death', aka 'No Lives Left', then post on Support in Discord, or simply ask for help w/ an alt. Customer service is faster than it was on Live.

You can get to Elder Gray Master pretty quickly. At this point you are about equal to a Jedi Knight who has no training in Force Ranking. So, pretty powerful and able to do a lot easily.

The Gray Force Ranking boxes all require quite a bit of Jedi XP, from using your Lightsaber to subdue stuff. Ok, call it killing if you like, you ARE a Gray Jedi after all.

I hope you all find this helpful.
Note, Again.. you DO NOT have to be in the village to unlock grey Jedi, it is not required. You simply need to complete the required task. Drop all your skills and use the holocron. The holocron will give you the grey Jedi novice box. By doing this say in a city or player town, you can go right into crafting your saber and go right into getting XP.
Heres a fast way to drop your skills


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