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Looking for Doctor/CN resources **Updated**
(12-12-2019, 08:41 PM)Not sure if you got this squared away yet or not, but contact Jonathan in game for your harvester needs, he builds em and takes custom orders.  you may also know him as Bob / Brin /  pain in the ass. errr wait that last one, might not be valid. ;)  MrFaustie Wrote: Heya!

I'm looking for the following resources that are no longer spawning. Anyone have these stockpiled and can spare a few?

Dolovire Iron: Fice
Domesticated Oats: Epo
Class 4 Petro: Tobiian
Herbivore Meat: Hiko
Tatooinian Fiberplast: Aurao
Lokian Wild Wheat: Giethosre
Nabooian Water Vapor: Ewwifoi
Dantooine Vegetable Greens: Llictori

Willing to pay reasonable or a bit above reasonable prices for the above resources if anyone has some. 

I don't need extreme amounts, even 10-20k of each would last me a very very long time. 

I'm also looking for Flora and Water harvesters. Higher the BER the better, but anything is better than the 0 I have!

Contact Faustie or Faustus ingame Smile 


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RE: Looking for Doctor resources and havesters - by Miku - 12-19-2019, 10:26 AM

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