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Weekly Lotto/Bingo Event and more
Greetings..Salutations Flurridians ...as you all know i have started the weekly lotts events held at the korrivan city hall ...i hope you all have been enjoying them thus far...and this week is no exception ..will be doing it again on sunday the 22nd and will be adding some new rewards .....also i will be doing ..starting something new....i will be adding a special vender with all types of color crystals along with color crystals  andanother vender with backpacks.In each back pack there will be random items ..some Super elite items ...and also some very bad items...it's a chance if your wiling to take that can pay off huuuge, all the proceeds at the end of each weeek will go into a cash prize pool and we will do an actuall "lotto" drawing,if nobody wins it will continue increase weekly until we have a winner and then start over and go again and again .....i will personally double the cash prize for the first anual cash lotto and continue to do so as i see fit ....i am also going to do something totally different this week after the lotto event, and will be hosting Flurry's first annual christmas Fishing Derby ...as i said there will be new rewards along with some of the usual items...for example...nge house deeds....holocrons,pearls and power crystals and much much more .... looking forward to seeing you all there thank you all for your time an efforts to making flurry great ....thx again and happy holidays see you all on sunday =p

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