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12_22_2019 Updates
[Image: 9YspzFf.jpg]
12/22/2019 Server Updates
Exar Kun Dungeon Now Live!

5 World Bosses have been added to the following planets

New World Boss Stat Tracking has been added, As well as a new World Boss Crate Allowing players who slay the world boss to receive a hefty loot pile when opening these box's, These Crates are no trade, the items inside can be traded. Once you open a box you will also be granted 1 World Boss kill, This will be displayed on our player stats page. Keep in mind the more world boss kills you accumulate the more rewards you will unlock later on. 

World boss loot and Exar kun Dungeon loot has been improved, You can find our new Profession Jewelry as well as new NGE Vehicles, In the upcoming weeks you will also be able to loot all NGE weapons from these NPC's
[Image: giphy.gif]

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