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Permadeath Ideas
Let me start by saying this, I understand that because Gray Jedi are very powerful there needs to be a risk in playing them. I think having some kind of risk in playing as a Gray Jedi is the only way having Gray Jedi can function, otherwise it becomes very unbalanced (unless other alpha professions are created, which is a different conversation).

I've seen a few stray comments in the discord about removing the 3 lives system but not too many suggestions on what could replace it so I've brainstormed other ideas and am open to any other ideas from others.

1. A system similar to Restoration with the glowy system. This system is actually very similar to what is happening here except instead of perma dying when you run out of lives you become a force ghost and can't do anything in combat. My idea here would be that there is an exponential amount of time you spend in this ghost state if you enter it repeatedly. With that logic you may not even need lives as dying puts you in 'timeout'.

The logic would be something akin to...
Your first death within a month you are a force ghost for 1 day. Your second death within a month you are a force ghost for a week. Your third death you are a force ghost for a month. After a month (or any arbitrary time period) your 'timeout' level goes down a tier to the previous one.

This has the advantage from the current system of your character not being completely deleted after dying but still having incentive not to carelessly run around.

2. More severe XP loss. Instead of just losing XP you would have skill boxes removed back down to a certain point, maybe even back to the novice box. This would simulate the "starting over" of permadeath without actually deleting your character.

I'm not sure if either of these are possible to code into the game or if it would even be worth it for a mechanic that is fairly easy to avoid as is (hide your Gray until you can farm a holocron with an alt). The system is pretty fair as is so an alternative may not even be needed. I was just wondering if there may be any alternative to deleting a character.
Thanks for the input, I started off with permadeath but with more input from the community, we can always adjust the system.
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