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Everthing listed on Vendor Disappeared
On March 7th, I had about 200 items on my vendor and there was 93k maintenance on it. I had a lot of heavy harvs, factory crates, medium and personal harvs, some resources, tools, factories.

On March 7th, I was listing a few small parcels of resources on the vendor when I got an email that my vendor was working perfectly. Not knowing why I got this email, I checked my vendor and noticed I only had 12 items listed for sale, all the small resource items only that I just listed..

I logged out of game completely and logged back in. None of the items were on my vendor and they were not in any of the tabs. I logged in twice today and sure enough nothing but those 12 items on my vendor.

Losing those items cost me a lot of money and a lot of hard work.

Toxic, I sent you in-game emails outlining all this and the location of the vendor. Please respond.

the server who runs the swg-game serverbox was shutted down on friday. At this unplanned shutdown, some data in the database of the game get corrupted. The only way, to bring the server back to live was, to delete all the items in the vendor. So everyone with an actual stocked vendor lost all items that was inside of it.

Maybe Toxic is able to restore the Items on the vendors, but i think there is no guarantee. On top, Toxic mentioned, that it is a lot of work to restore the Items, i think we have to be patient until there is a solution.
(no matter if the items getting restored or not)
we don't mind restoring items, but we did offer the server an 8-day roll back that would fix this problem, most of the community was against this decision and wanted us to let the server move forward.

The server was running fine for 8 days, at 3 am our OVH dedicated server shut off completely, this caused our server to save improperly. When I started the server up it came up fine, when going into the game we noticed all the vendors were blank, this was a result in the improper database being shut off and not saved properly. The server saves in Berkly format, Almost impossible to edit. That's why we depend on backups.

We currently have February 28th back up on test with everyone's items just fine, we can help restore these but it will take some time to do so.

Hop in our public discord so we can have more of a discussion on this.
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