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So I have been told to post my stuff here.

Not going to use your discord till you deal with your rude admins (Skeletor) is the only admin who seems to even care.
After pointing out my toon can't get to avatar I was told it was account wide. After pointing this bug out in discord. I was told to leave the server when I asked why are you all pushing pvp when you have many bugs already and your not fixing them. Oh let me point out I have to wait for admin to to teleport me on there time to use avatar after I said I was going to leave the server. 

When I do ask for info on what you all has been done on the server and guides I get rude admins. Toxic I even asked you why your pushing pvp when you got bugs already on the server and why I get bashed by your admins for asking such things.

I pointed out broken skill trees and yet I get based for asking why push pvp on a unbalanced server. Toxic you & Skeletor have my respect your both trying it seems. But your bashing admins rude and I will only deal with you and Skeletor from this point on.

Yes I called it Lazy for you all to use discord for support and bugs. Was told this is not ark etc. I simple said the game dose not matter its just lazy. I will take my share of the blame on that end. I do own a ark server yes and no I do not use discord bugs on my server in fact I don't know any server owner out side of flurry that dose it that way.

I ask that the skill trees be fixed.
A updated guide on what on all professions and what changed you all have made to them.
Avatar be fixed for all accounts with the no need to wait for an admin to teleport a person.
I ask you to address your rude admins
I also ask that you post a list of admins and what there duties or for the server for all new and current player base to know.
I also would like to see out side contact e mails for support out side of discord for such matters, so things don't boil over to this point. 

In closing I apologize profusely for any inconvenience my blow in discord may have caused you. But I don't deal with admins bashing there player base when they ask simple things.

only admins on the server are sygnum myself and Skeletor any other title is part of the game and holds no status. VIP, senate are players with no status.
[Image: giphy.gif]

i dont want to get involved in anything, only one thing. is it possible, that i can have that T-21 Rifle back i gave you? would be nice, if you can offer it to one of my vendors.... (Grind and Farm in Korrivan for example)



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