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(CSR) Customer Service Representatives
We are looking for two CSR's to join our team at SWG Flurry.

The responsibilities of a CSR are:

  • Provide support to players in game, on forums and in Discord
  • Investigate bug reports
  • Investigate foul play
  • Submit reports to the SWG Senate regarding the above
  • Help to promote fun and honesty in SWG Flurry
We are looking for people who are active in the community, fair, honest and disciplined.

As a CSR, you will be granted a new account and character with the CSR Abilities including:
  • teleport teleportto teleporttarget
  • snoop
  • setspeed
  • invulnerability and invisibility
You will only be able to snoop players you are investigating and teleport players whom require support.

Teleporting abilities should only be used to get players out of stuck situations or to investigate foul

Using any of these commands for personal or team advantage will result in removal of privileges and a 1 week ban of the account that has unfairly gained.

Please submit your application to qrave@swgflurry.com and explain why you would be good at this position with some detail about you in real life.

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