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Flurry Staff and Custom Titles
Hello Everyone, 

We would like to take a moment to give some details about our staff. And some of the titles that you a see on players.

First are the Admins/Owners of the Flurry Server

Toxic - Is the primary developer for the server. At this point he handles most of the back-end programming, as well as the servers github account, physical server, and Flurry server (including all pushes to live, and server restarts)

Sygnum - Is a developer and support admin for the server. He handles some of the developmental work on the server, maintains the physical test server, and support on discord and in game.

Skeletor - Is the lead EC, he handles events, in game support, and is a go between between players and developers.

Additional Flurry Developers:

IceWarden - Ice is a System Ops. His role is server stability and help maintaining the physical server. Does some coding.

Q - Is a developer that creates new professions and back-end programmer.

Bigtap - Jr Developer. He develops new content for the server, as well as QoL adjustements. 

Second, the custom titles what what they mean.

Code Contributor - are players and other developers that currently or have in the past contributed code to the flurry server. They are not Flurry Admins.

Senators - are players that are in game to help in supporting players when admins are not available. They help new and existing players.  They are players that stop what they are doing, to make sure other players get what they need, or help with questions. They are not Flurry Admins. 

VIP - are players that help the server in progress and grow. This can be that they help with updating and managing Galaxy Harvester (which is now automated),  assisted admins regularly in testing new code, made donations, assisted and help players regularly in game.  You basically stand out as a player and we want to reward that.  They are also not Admins.

I hope that this helps to clear up any confusion

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