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A guide to flurry titles
Below are a list of discord, and in game titles that a player can earn.  Keep in mind that we reward these titles to one character when they are earned.

[Senator] - This title is earned by a player by helping out players regularly. They stop what they are doing to make sure other players get the help, assistance, and best experience possible.

[Code Contributor] - Title is for players that have helped or currently help the server by contributing code to the server.

[VIP] - This title is give to a player by admins to show appreciation for those who step up and help the community. 

[Server Booster] - This title is not controlled by us. You gain this by boosting our Server on discord. The boost help the discord project.  But add extra features to the server. They have 3 tiers. 2 Server boost for rank 1, 15 server boost for rank 2, and 30 Server boost for rank 3.  

If you have any questions about the titles, please hit up an admin in discord or in game.

Thank you everyone for your help in making Flurry the best possible server it can be!
updated to add Server boost rank for discord.
SWGFlurry Co-Owner and Developer

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