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Why Flurry? What the server offers (Specs)
Account limits
* 1 Account per IP
* 10 Characters max per account
* 3 Character online max per account
* 20x all professions
* Custom Professions
- Gray Jedi, PVE jedi (non forced pvp). 
- Melee Bounty Hunter
- Spy
* The following professions are free; Entertainer, Musician, Dancer, Image designer, Merchant, and all FS skills.
* Max Missions are currently at 4.
* Factorys run at accelerated speed. (Set a max amount, other wise you'll get 1000 units in a few seconds)
* From a mission terminal you can set the difficulty of missions, as well as directions.
* Faction Pets are usable in a PVE environment.
* A Galactic Travel System which offers instant travel to anywhere, Including Player Cities.
* New Player terminal that offers buffs, to help if the buffers are not online, we have a dedicated musician and afk doctor.
* You can stat migrate anywhere, no ID required. Only restriction is that you can not be buffed.
* Either a Musician or Dance can provide both sets of buffs, no need for the pair anymore.
* The FS unlocks are been made a little easier, the same standard POI's, and 1 profession, but only 3 content badges instead of 5.
* The village has been sped up, it is on a 24 hour cycle, and quest lines that require you to come back tomorrow, are come back in an hour. This also extends to the old man, and attacking sith.
* Jedi XP added to FS conversion..
* Custom Races and Planets have been added.
* Custom Quest have been added, with more to come
* Slicing you can pick, which slice you want, including addition of AP slicing
* NGE houses added
* NGE Weapons added
* NGE Backpacks added
* Plus Static World Bosses and dungeon system
* NGE Vehicles added to game
* BioEng and CH revamp
* Custom PVP arena that has a queue and enter system to battle it out.
* Custom loot crates
- Silver (kinda like the junk crate, but can roll into a gold crate)
- Gold crate has a little better loot
- Platinum crates has alot of loot; CA/AA, backpacks, weapons, goggle, crystals, pearls, etc.
- Diamond crate has crafting components as CA/AA and a few other things.
- World Boss crate can drop vehicles, weapons, crystals, pearls, and silver, gold, and platinum crates (also tracked on our stats page)
- Event crate are given for participating in server events. Basically a duplicate world boss crate. (also tracked on the stats page)
* Buffs precede through death
* Village quest requirements have been reduced. Medical, crafting, and the sith outlaw/pirates.
* BER rate for harvesters increased
* Creature harvesting increased
* Group size increased to 100
* BH higher level NPC missions tweaked to be more challenging.
* ALL armors added into came, and are craftable around comp armor.
* Mandalore added, several new NPCs and bosses.

Will add more after additions as they pass from test server to live.
Wow awesome...Cant wait to get home and try this out! You guys rock! I played since 2003 of and on and I think I found a new home.
1 Account per IP?, what if we have family members or roommates who also wish to play?
You will want to contact TOXIC and Sygnum via DM on our Community Discord and request Multi-Account approval for your IP address, before your other family members or roommates create their own accounts.
This will avoid having your account along with family members or roommates accounts banned due to unauthorized multi-account registration.

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