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Why Flurry? What the server offers (Specs)
Account limits
* 1 Account per IP
* 10 Characters max per account
* 2 Character online max per account
* 20x all professions
* Custom Professions
- Gray Jedi, PVE jedi (non forced pvp). 
- Melee Bounty Hunter
- Spy
* The following professions are free; Entertainer, Musician, Dancer, Image designer, Merchant, and all FS skills.
* Max Missions are currently at 4.
* Factorys run at accelerated speed. (Set a max amount, other wise you'll get 1000 units in a few seconds)
* From a mission terminal you can set the difficulty of missions, as well as directions.
* Faction Pets are usable in a PVE environment.
* A Galactic Travel System which offers instant travel to anywhere, Including Player Cities.
* New Player terminal that offers buffs, to help if the buffers are not online, we have a dedicated musician and afk doctor.
* You can stat migrate anywhere, no ID required. Only restriction is that you can not be buffed.
* Either a Musician or Dance can provide both sets of buffs, no need for the pair anymore.
* The FS unlocks are been made a little easier, the same standard POI's, and 1 profession, but only 3 content badges instead of 5.
* The village has been sped up, it is on a 24 hour cycle, and quest lines that require you to come back tomorrow, are come back in an hour. This also extends to the old man, and attacking sith.
* Jedi XP added to FS conversion..
* Custom Races and Planets have been added.
* Custom Quest have been added, with more to come
* Slicing you can pick, which slice you want, including addition of AP slicing
* NGE houses added
* NGE Weapons added
* NGE Backpacks added
* Plus Static World Bosses and dungeon system
* NGE Vehicles added to game
* BioEng and CH revamp
* Custom PVP arena that has a queue and enter system to battle it out.
* Custom loot crates
- Silver (kinda like the junk crate, but can roll into a gold crate)
- Gold crate has a little better loot
- Platinum crates has alot of loot; CA/AA, backpacks, weapons, goggle, crystals, pearls, etc.
- Diamond crate has crafting components as CA/AA and a few other things.
- World Boss crate can drop vehicles, weapons, crystals, pearls, and silver, gold, and platinum crates (also tracked on our stats page)
- Event crate are given for participating in server events. Basically a duplicate world boss crate. (also tracked on the stats page)
* Buffs precede through death
* Village quest requirements have been reduced. Medical, crafting, and the sith outlaw/pirates.
* BER rate for harvesters increased
* Creature harvesting increased
* Group size increased to 100
* BH higher level NPC missions tweaked to be more challenging.
* ALL armors added into came, and are craftable around comp armor.
* Mandalore added, several new NPCs and bosses.

Will add more after additions as they pass from test server to live.

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