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Calling out the server owners.
Not sure where to post this and seems one of the owners likes to be short with while the other two will listen. Not going to get hot headed about this. If your reading this and you don't like what I asking the server owner and admins then mind your own bussiness and move on.

Your pvp system seems to be a bit off. I have played many when I say many I mean many games. Free to play and pay to play. (names do not matter you will just find a way to avoid this). same faction on same faction is kinda pointless. I went to a player city just to get buffed, I was dual request spamed. before I chould even fully land just to get me flaged. 

Tip 1 to the server owners "Most Paid & Free to play games treat cites as safe zones!".
Tip 2 to the server owners "Support buffs should not auto flag people into pvp when players are not fighting. Your syetem auto flags no matter what if one is flaged to pvp that person is then flaged".
Tip 3 to the server owners. No one should be forced into a group to avoid freindly fire.
Tip 4 To the sevrer owners if your going to keep the pvp this way remove the dual from the daiog from the toons so there not spamed to dual and auto flag. Oh yeah toke me ever bit of 30 secs to see a bug your in pvp system to flag people.

The only thing you were successfully doing is making the system pure pvp, cutting the middle guy who enjoys pve and support roles.

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