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Armor Smith Expansion Patch Notes
Armorsmith updates
Added over 18 new armor sets available to be crafted. Factional restrictions will apply. Armor color customization not currently available.
New special components required for the crafting of LS resist armor.
Original in game armor now have stats comparable to composite armor for more choices available. Example - bone armor, chitin armor, padded armor etc.
Few of the armors added:
Infiltrator black
Infiltrator white
Alliance Snow armor
Rebel assault
Rebel marine
Rebel battle
Rebel Spec Force
Crusader Mark II
Crusader Mark III
Bounty Hunter 
Death trooper
Imperial marine
Imperial battle worn  marine – Ithorian
Imperial scout
Imperial Stormtrooper
Imperial Snow
Imperial Assault Trooper
See your local Armorsmith for other options.
These new armors come with their respective armor belts. This will give everyone new options for AA modified belts. 

Skirts have been adjusted to accept CA’s

Mandalore update
Mandalore has been populated with new creatures and enemies to fight. Missions can be taken just like a normal planet. Bosses are available if you dare to take them on. I wonder what new loot is available……

BH profession changes
Droid effectiveness has been increased. There will be less chance of droids failing to find your target.
BH NPC loot drops have been adjusted
BH NPC saber user damage has been adjusted. Previous damage numbers were very high resulting in mission failures. *This will be monitored and adjusted with the new introduction of LS resist armors.

Jedi adjustments
Normal Acklay boss has been returned to the Geo caves. This will help folks get credit during their progression thru knight trials.  Custom level 300 Acklay boss still lurks somewhere in the Geo caves. Be careful!
Padawan trial bug not granting lightsaber schematic has been fixed. After completing three FS trees you should now be able to properly receive lightsaber schematic and progress thru the remaining of the trials.
TEF bug mostly affecting grey jedi has been fixed. Greys will not be teffed on log in but can still choose to engage players who are overt or teffed. 
Increased condition to pearls and crystals.
Force lightning damage reduced to balance pvp effect. Was previously incapping fully buffed non jedi master professions. *This will be monitored and adjusted further if needed. 

World changes 
New Boss challengers have entered the game! 
Lok has reported of a new strain of Gurk roaming around. Extremely Dangerous proceed with caution.
Unusual meatlump activity has been reported. Word is their leader is scheduled for a visit on Corellia.
As previously stated Mandalore has new opponents to be challenged.
GTS terminal has been added to Boss encounter space station.
NGE housing is now able to be placed on all planets. Get out there and claim some real estate. 
Event bosses have become a little tougher. We will need as much participation as possible to successfully take them on. 
Avatar boss spawn in location has been changed to prevent loading in and being stuck in space.
Missing world boss crate added to Lord Cyssc
Weapon loot has been adjusted. We will see less weapons dropped from mobs/npc’s. The focus is too make crafting the go to for all armor and weapon needs. Weapons will be having an over haul in the next patch. 
But before you smash that keyboard, the chance to loot exceptional and legendary items has been increased. This will help crafting of more powerful weapons and armor. Getting them closer to values seen on previously legendary weapons.  

Have ideas for content or suggestions that can improve the Flurry experience? Please post them in the server request or patch feedback channels on Discord. SWG Flurry forums is another place to leave your feedback.
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