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Max Characters Online
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Greetings Flurry Players,

This weekend we posted a pool in discord asking you, if you would like to see 3 characters online or remain at 2. The Poll had a 22 to 5 polling as of this message. It seem that the majority of active players are for having 3 characters online.

We have heard this. We will be setting the max character online to 3 with this next restart. However, we are going to be trialing this.  If the 3 players online has a positive or neutral effect to the server we will allow it to remain.  If it has a negative impact on the server, that will hurt the longevity of the server we will be resetting the max back down to 2.

It is our hopes that this will allow players and guilds that want to run buffers from their own towns to be able to do so without to much burden on the player dedicating. Also, for the crafter's to be able to have that extra sampler in use, while still being able to do other things..

We also know what can open up from the combat stand point, we only asked to be respectful and mindful for other players. Please work together to make sure the community stays solid and communicates. The one thing we don't want to see is players just solo playing and no connection to the community. 

Please feel free to leave any positive or negative feed back once this goes live.

Thank you!
SWGFlurry Co-Owner and Developer

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