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Latest changes and additions
List of recent changes or additions in the last few weeks. I may have missed some since the last few days have been iffy with server stability. Good news is it looks like that issue may have been resolved. Again we ask if anyone runs across a bug that causes a server crash to please report it immediately.
New Bosses and Content
Wampa Boss spotted on Hoth

General Grievous on Kashyyyk – Not exactly sure if its active. Guess someone will figure it out

Creatures now tameable on Kashyyyk and Hoth

Boba Fett added to outside of DWB to get easier access without doing Jabbas themepark

Maulers on Naboo have been revamped. Be careful with your pod’s they will blow them up. Visit the Mauler Stronghold and take down the Mauler Lord. Loot has been redone don’t forget to open the mag seal containers

Fort Tusken Revamp – Good luck! Recommend to bring a friend. Loot also revamped. Tusken King hiding deep in the underground cave.

Ranger Changes
Egg harvesting rate increased

Milk harvesting rates increased

Ranger camps now have new functionalities and bonuses
Increased survey sampling while in a camp .Repair your vehicle , access insurance and bank terminals, Bh, Reb, Imp and explorer mission terms now available. Largest camp offers GTS, terminal Wound/Buffing terminal and best part there are no level requirements. Anyone can place a camp.
Jedi adjustments
Jedi heal reduced to 1 sec delay

All powers reduced to 2 sec delay, used to be 4 sec

All 4th gen sabers have had their damage equalized.
Polearm area damage multiplier increased

Weapons that had extended ranges  (200m) will now have their max range reduced to 64 meters when fired.

All stims will now also heal the mind pool

Max characters online has been increased to 3

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