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Guide to SWG Flurry
Guide to SWG Flurry
What’s different? What’s new? I don’t remember that working this way…
With all the changes that have occurred over Flurry’s run, it’s hard for newer players to keep up or determine how they should play the game. This will be an attempt at a guide to help folks get going and hopefully answer a few of the common questions brought up. If you would like to see something added or I missed something, post here so that this page can be updated.

Link to our latest patch notes http://www.swgflurry.com/patchnotes.html

Account limits
* 1 Account per IP
* 10 Characters max per account
* 3 Character online max per account

Jedi unlock
* The FS unlocks have been made easier, 3 jedi pois. 5 normal pois, 3 difficult pois, and 1 profession. 3 content badges.
* The village has been sped up, it is on a 24 hour cycle, and quest lines that require you to come back tomorrow, are on a 1 hour timer. Old man and Sith visit with 1 hour.
* Jedi XP added to FS conversion. FS skills are cost no points

Starter cities from station When leaving the starter area (which can be skipped) you have the option to be teleported to one of the more active player cities. 

Xp rates - x20 for all classes, being in a group does provide a bonus

Mission terminals – 6 missions at a time. You can radial and choose mission direction and level. Highest mission levels do not require a group to choose. 

Medical terminalsMedical terminals are available at most major starports and player cities. They have the ability to provide free starter buffs or slightly stronger buffs for a price. These buffs will not be stronger than Doc provided buffs.  They can also cure battle fatigue and wounds.

GTS Terminals - Special terminals that allow a player to travel instantly to their choice of location. Travel cost of 5k credits. These Terminals also offer the ability to check player stats like Boss/PVP kills and rankings. Access to Boss instance teleport room

Self stat migrationAs long as you have no buffs of any kind you can self migrate your stats at any time from any place.

Veteran rewardsCan be claimed every 5 days for up to a year. Use the command /claim

*Classic resource map available from the SWG flurry forums. Track all resources currently available and track their despawn date and times. Galaxy Harvester linked also
* Either a Musician or Dancer can provide both sets of buffs, no need for the pair anymore. Special melee and ranged accuracy bonus
* Slicing now includes Armor piercing option and Armor rating option (light medium heavy)
* WS DOT system. Dots can be added to crafted weapons
* NGE houses added - Craftable
* NGE Weapons added - Craftable
* NGE Armor added - Craftable     -  LS resists Mando and BH armor available
* NGE Cybernetics added - Craftable
* NGE Backpacks/ capes /wings added - Lootable
* NGE Vehicles added to game - Lootable
* NGE Jedi robes added - Craftable
*  5th gen LS added - Craftable - Requires special components
* BioEng and CH revamp
* Custom PVP arena that has a queue and enter system to battle it out.
* Buffs precede through death
* BER rate for harvesters increased
* Creature harvesting increased
 *Factories run at accelerated speed. (Set a max amount, otherwise you'll get 1000 units in a few seconds)

*The following professions are free; Entertainer, Musician, Dancer, Image designer, Merchant, and all FS skills.

Grey Jedi Obtainable by unlocking and using a lootable holocron. See unlock section requirement guide on forums. Requires 250 points to train. Will grant ALL jedi abilities and does not generate VIS. Grey jedi are unable to go overt. Elder Grey jedi ranking system (XP grind for more defenses). Cannot be hunted unless Grey jedi participates in pvp thru TEF system and has bounty placed on them for killing a player. Can also complete FS quests from village

Normal/FRS Jedi - Normal Jedi as on other servers. Glowy unlock with FS village quests plus padawan trials to unlock. Knight trials to progress further. See Jedi combat profession for further details
FRS can also be gained thru special FRS tokens. Tokens can looted from special Faction Bosses

Melee BH profession - Custom Melee BH profession that mirrors normal ranged BH profession. Special abilities added only for melee BH. See Melee BH section for further details

Spy Profession - Custom Spy profession. All new special abilities and skill requirements

PvP ranking system
No group TEF. 14.1 system
PvP arena for 2v2 combat
Normal buffs will not do in Flurry PvP. MAke sure you are using only the best items or prepare to be demolished
BH ranking system - follow kills and failed attempts

Faction tokens available as loot which grant 500 imp or rebel faction
Faction Pets are usable in a PVE environment. Nightsister and Singing Mountain Clan pets will be added in next patch.

Special Custom Loot Crates
Locked containers -Not just junk! These containers offer the chance for special decoration items. Along with the very rare contraband item required for Flurrys custom DOT system

Art crate - Contain special Art pieces

Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond Crates - crates (which can only be opened outdoors) that drop from higher end mobs. Loot ranges from junk to heavily sought after end game items. Quality of loot is determined by level of crate.

World Boss Crates - Dropped by Flurry World or Dungeon Bosses. 

Rare Crates - Can be dropped by any high end mob and notified by special animation. Contain super rare items.*** Special items like 5k resource crate deeds , DOT application contraband, Ancient holos and more.

World bosses - Several world bosses located on various planets. See Planet section for boss details. Source of world boss crates and more rare sought after loot.  Boss fights are being tailored for group play and with special mechanics. Bosses are actively being tuned to get away from the easy “tank and spank” feel. They are meant to be tough. Expect several changes coming soon

Dungeons on space station
Gain access using the GCW terminals. Access to the space station where you can choose to enter several Boss areas. Current Boss instances available
Exar Kun
Avatar Platform
Nightsister Queen
Admiral Thrawn on Star Destroyer

Listed below are the planets with significant changes and current Boss mobs. All other planets are works in progress or have not changed from base swg.

Giant Tomb Wraith - Above Narglatch Cave POI - 
Mauler Lord - Located at Mauler stronghold POI - Maulers have been revamped to be tougher. Be careful!

Meatlump King - Island west of coronet on corellia -2157, -4369

Grim Sage Soulserpant - Near the Sarlacc pit POI -2095, 3134 
Axva Min - Nightsister Stronghold cave

Malevolent Gurk 
Baxter Stockman - Volcano POI 
Kimogila dragons now drop Kimo pearls and tissues. Difficulty slightly increased

Draco - Tatooine - Krayt Graveyard - 
Dune Sea Krayt Queen - NW area of map
Dune Sea Krayts 
Tusken King - Tusken Fort
Tusken fort has been revamped to be extremely tough. Special Weapon component loot area

Carax Nightwraith - Jedi temple ruins POI - WB Crate/jewelry/vehicles - 2+ fight
Janta King - Janta Cave POI
Mokk Chieftain - Mokk Stronghold
Mokk Stronghold has been revamped to be tougher - Special Medical component loot area

Mutant Acklay Guardian - 1349, -6439 
level 300 Acklay - Geo Caves
Normal Acklay - Geo caves - for knight trials
Geo loot has been modified.Pay attention to stats and see your local AS or WS to have items crafted

Dunkowah’s have been updated to be tougher and now have their own special loot. Specialty -  poisons/medical

Lom Pike and Mandalore, under Sundari 
Nightsister Tamer   -1137, 2607 
Darth Caedus - Caedus Cave POI
Mythosaur king  1916 -1218 
Mythosaurs - drop pearls and tissues. Adv versions only
Toborro the Hutt
Boorka the Hutt

Wampa Boss - work in progress

General Grievous - work in progress

Random world bosses

Combat professions
Listed below are the professions with major changes or special additions. 

Jedi - Grey and normal jedi options. 5th gen sabers available which require special ancient holocrons to craft. True Flawless perfect pearls available. Wide variety of craftable lootable robes. FS skills cost no skill points and Jedi xp can be converted to FS xp. 

BH - Ranged and Melee Bh options. Special loot for killing your bounty

Smugglers - Can slice for Armor piercing and Armor rating. Risk is very high. Slicing will cause vis. You can be hunted if enough vis is generated.

Medic Doc CM - Stims used will now also heal mind

Spy - Custom profession - tailored for pvp

CH - access to very powerful BE pets. Ch is a very strong profession.

Ranger - increased harvesting and area tracking abilities. Can craft strong pve/pvp usable traps. They can be used by anyone with +25 trapping. Can craft special camps with different bonuses. High end camps come with medical terms, mission terms, crafting stations and a GTS to travel on the go. 

Crafting/Ent professions
The following professions are free; Entertainer, Musician, Dancer, Image designer, Merchant

Weaponsmith- Has the ability to craft all NGE weapons. A WS also has the ability to add a DOT to any weapon if they have acquired enough contraband xp. The more xp used the stronger the DOT. 

Armorsmith - Has the ability to craft all NGE armor. Is also granted mandalorian and BH schematics that have LS resists. These armors require special components and resources to craft. 

Droid Engineer- Has the ability to craft cybernetics. 

Architect - Can craft all NGE housing. Requires looted schematics. Harvesters have had their BER increased.

Tailors - Can craft special jedi robes. BE stats and slots can be obtained. Requires special ancient holocrons and artifacts to craft. Theme Park clothing schematics have had their stats raised to +25 to be more useful. 

Bioengineer - Can craft very powerful pets. Powerful rare DNA can be obtained from a handful of special creatures out in the wild. Locations and spawn times are random. 3-7day respawn timer. These pets have LS resists. They also can spawn in as baby's to be used as super tank pets.

Musician and Dancers - All XP is craftable!!! Both buffs can be obtained by just 1 entertainer. They will also come with an accuracy bonus modifier.

Image Designer - Can be done anywhere

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