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Glowy POI and requirement list.
Just posting for future reference should it be needed for new players.

What you'll need to get glowy are the following badges.

1 Profession Badge.

5 Regular POIs.

You can just choose whatever you want that isn't listed below.

3 Jedi POIs.
Kenobi's Hut, Tattooine.
Temple of Exar Kun, Yavin IV.
Jedi Temple Ruins, Dantooine.

2 "Difficult" POIs.
Sarlacc, Tatooine.
Lesser Sarlacc, Dathomir.
Krayt Graveyard, Tatooine.
Krayt Skeleton, Tatooine.
Tusken Pool, Tatooine.

3 Content Badges.
Jabba's Themepark
Nym's Themepark (Recommended due to low time requirement)
Imperial Themepark
Rebel Themepark
The Warren (Recommended since it gives -2- content badges)
9 badges from Corvette. (Imp 3/Reb 3/Neutral 3)

Example of a Glowy route.

Master Teras Kasi (Profession: 1)
The Warren (Content: 2)
Nym's Themepark (Content: 3)
Kenobi's Hut (Jedi: 1)
Temple of Exar Kun (Jedi: 2)
Jedi Temple Ruins (Jedi: 3)
Krayt Graveyard (Difficult: 1)
Krayt Skeleton (Difficult: 2)
Theed Waterfall (Regular: 1)
Vreni Island (Regular: 2)
Lesser Misty Falls (Regular: 3)
Greater Misty Falls (Regular: 4)
Escape Pod (Regular: 5)

If you get all those badges above, you will be glowy as you hit the last one. Good luck, have fun.

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