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SWGemu Guides
SWGemu Guides Compendium:


This is a link to the Guides Compendium on the SWGemu Forums.  All of the information is well vetted to be accurate to the actual code we are playing the game with.  Individual servers have their own modifications to account for but otherwise this information is all accurate to the base code any server starts out with.  There is no better resource on the internet than these forums.  Ignore old random posts and anecdotal evidence you find with internet searches, either those posts were wrong then or they are wrong now because the SWGemu team changed it.

Important Reads:

The Mechanics of the Numbers in SWG:

All the information you need to understand how the combat system works.  

I'll try to add more information in the future as to how custom changes on Flurry may or may not effect things.

An important note about the combat system that isn't always covered in guides: Any NPC around the CL (Combat Level) of a Nightsister Protector or higher (mobs starting around 30k HAM+) have 100% to-hit modifiers.  In these PvE situations your avoidance stats (dodge/block/counterattack, center of being, melee/ranged defense, etc) do absolutely nothing for you.  Saber Block is the only avoidance stat that functions in these situations.  Be it Krayts or custom content mobs, they will never miss and your only defenses are mitigation stats such as Toughness and the armor you are wearing.

Skill Mod Caps:

This is one of those guides where modifications on Flurry change a lot.  Many SEAs that do not work in the base code do work here on Flurry but this post is still an important resource.  If I find time I will edit the entire list to be Flurry specific and post it.  

The most notable changes I can think of off the top of my head: Jedi SEAs, Flamethrower Speed/Accuracy SEAs, Med Use, Combat Med Use, and Combat Med Effectiveness are all in game and function!  

Guide to How Armor Protects & the "Mini Suit":

Explanation of Armor Holes & how damage spreads on random attacks.

How to make keymaps, options, and UI the same across all characters:

Additional Tools:

SWGemu Damage Calculator *Web Archive*:

The original website has not been up for a while now.  The above link has worked for me.
Obtained link from this thread: https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread...912&page=5

Just an early draft, will be updating this post in the future.  Any input is welcomed.

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