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Poll: What do players prefer?
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150/Weapon 35-50/PvP Armor with PvE Armor/Base Bosses
9 45.00%
300 Weapon 55-75/PvPArmor with PvE Armor/Base Bosses
1 5.00%
Dont do any of this
10 50.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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For PvP!
(03-06-2017, 12:09 PM)Onyx Wrote: what about a compromise of two schools of thought.  300 kills you get a component or a schematic instead of a finished item.  Take the schematic to your favorite crafter, they charge for their mats and labor.  Might also need to figure out how to code it so you must be overt to wear it.  I ate all my crayons so I didn't follow the links.

Yea this is what i said in replies to Hondo. 

Instead of finished items yea It would be even better to be a 1 time schematic use. Where we have done this before we literally had 35-55 dedicated PvPers at any given time. Since then, and with the population, we should lower the kills to 25-40 for Armor Schematics and 75 for Weapons?

Not sure about the requiring to be SF to wear them, you have to be at least combatant to wear faction armor as it is. 

Folks are 7/6 on this Big Grin
I think there are way more fixes and updates that need to be made before you move down this slippery slope...
I'm good with non jedi incentives to pvp like this but I think the top end crafted stuff still needs to be the best option outside NGE and no one here wants that shit.
with how relatively easy it is to get stuff. i say no.

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