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So I created a dancer/musician the other day....
I got the buff macro going, and all I get is 1750 mind, 1000 focus and 12 or 1300 willpower

Does it matter that I'm not master entertainer? 

I've got some buffs that are about 3900 from other entertainers. 

I'm assuming these are due to clothes mods and what not. 

I was curious to know what all was needed to get my ent to buff at 3000+

Any help with what I need and where to buy/loot would be very appreciated. 

Edit: Reason I posted here is to find out what and where I could buy what's needed to accomplish better ent buffs.

Thanks in advance!
I don't have an entertainer but I do know there is BE clothing that helps with clearing mind wounds, and then you want to be fully taped out.


+25 to music mind enhancement
+25 to dancing

Best place to start is look at the bazar. Always chatting with another entertainer is best.
Thank you for the info, I'll keep my eyes open!  Big Grin

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