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Hello All. Veteran Player From Bloodfin. LFG.
Hello All.
Started playing on day 1 2003 until game shutdown September 2012(?)
Have played SWGEmu on Basilisk for about 1.5 years. Have Also Played WoW.

Very mature and friendly fellow looking for an Imperial Guild and city to join.
Preferably a Research city.

Master Fencer. Master Pistoleer. TK 0-3-0-4 Medic 0-0-2-0.
Tank Build.

Enjoy Pve. Pvp. Profiteering. Crafting.

Enjoy All VOIP Comms.

Plz Contact Kulu Kai if you have a spot for me.
I sent a tell you weren't online at the time. I saw your post in recruiting as well some of the names listed there aren't on due to the changes today limiting alts on line they are running buffers instead of mains. I'll be jac for an hour then I have errands to run but come to den and any non afk BSP can help you

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