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Just "FYI", Spy was melee, w/ special. (Gas)

I'm not saying it has to be now, only that it was and one of the tricks was to sneak up on someone and hit them with a shiv. (Then try to get away before they waxed your arse..)
Made spy fun..

Sorry, I'm looking forward to this Prof, it was a blast and the only good thing that came out of the NGE.

yeah but the pistols made more sense to me but im sure you will enjoy it just as much. It will be officially released soon just have some minor tweaks and fixes that need to be handled.
Oh guys.. Y'all did good. Smile
Two thoughts.

Can we get a buff icon or something showing we're invisible?
(When active.)
Still wish we could do some melee, but to be fair, I haven't taken him PvP'ing yet, so.. take that with a grain of salt.
Past that, sweeeet!
The heal skill for spy works great to remove dots and it heals for an OK amount. I did notice that it is unmodified my +wound/injury treat or speed, wonder how that would balance out.. 25% increse would be like 950 heal every 9ish seconds?
spy is being buffed atm and will be included in our next patch Smile not sure on the status of the invis icon xyra the buff will be more on the offensive/defensive/healing abilities.
wound treatment/injury treatment or any heal modifiers will not work on spy due to the uniquness of the profession i felt that would be too much but the heal has been increased.

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