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Play Now
The server is launching 12:00am PST and will be open for new players to create characters in the coming next few days. To join the server once it has launched, follow the steps below.

  1. Install Star Wars Galaxies Pre-CU from CDs
  2. Download and install the SWGEmu launcher
  3. Run a full check from SWGEmu to update game files 
  4. Download the SWG Flurry Launcher http://swgflurry.com/Launcher/SWGFlurry_Launcher_0.0.3.0.exe
  5. Point the SWG Flurry Launcher at the installation directory of Star Wars Galaxies EMU
  6. Press the cog on the top right of the launcher and check the 'Full Check' option
  7. Press save and press 'Check'
  8. Once completed press 'Launch'

(A-List Off All Custom TRE Files Required To Play On Flurry Server)

If you have problems with the launcher downloading any TRE files We have a complete list of our TRE files for you to download right here.

[Image: giphy.gif]

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