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Future Loot Revamp and others
as i wrote in discord, i want to make some suggestions for PVE, specially for the Loot.

1. 5th gen saber can now be dropped from all bosses ingame, dropchance 1-5% (will fix the camping on emperors hand and keep other placed like dungeons and caves alive)
2. add Nightsister Melee Armguard to Axkva Min, dropchance 2%,
3. add the parkbench schematic to loottable http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Bench
4. add the cabinet (elegant) to the loottable   http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Cabinet_(elegant)
5. adjust the loot from the NPC in the Spiderclan cave (they are more difficult than a Tusken Commoner, a Tusken Commoner drops skilltapes above 15, a Spiderclan NPC up to 5)
6. reinforce Kin'Dray and optimize loot,
7. random spawned badass "world bosses" near big cities to keep the group PVE alive and increase the chance of jedi to get visibility if fighting in groups,
8. optimize loot and boost the npc's in the force crystal hunter cave on dantooine,
9. new PVE token dealer (1 token per boss) to change with amazing items like new rugs, banner.........
10. add more junk items to locked containers (wiring, clothes, weapons)

1. increase decay and repair costs on vehicles and droids,
2. decrease time to sell on bazaar-term to 20 days,

Would like to see some comments about that :-).
hey mate thanks for the post, in the next/over the next few weeks we are going to be doing a full revision of the loot tables. we will not be removing any items/loots from the loot table but we will be re organising what drops from where and adding new items/loots in. i have copied your post and will be sure to take it into consideration when we are doing so Smile
cabinet (elegant) is in loot drops i have made it before have only got it one time but still
I am working on adding some more furniture items to the loot tables, I am looking for suggestions for any themes or sets you think would be good to roll out together.

I dont want to just flood the world with stuff so I am planning to add these items to the new world bosses and dungeons as we add them, but I want to try and stay with a theme for each set.
Maybe you can tell us the theme and ill think about suitable loot Smile.

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