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Remastered Rules
SWG Flurry is designed from the ground up to provide a fun and adventurous SWG experience. In order to keep things fun and fair, we (The staff) have to implement some rules.

These rules should not surprise anyone and should not be taken for granted.

Please enjoy your time here and feel free to approach any member of staff at any time if you have any concerns.

1.) 1 Account Per Person

  • 3 Characters May be logged in at any given time per account
  • 5 Characters created per account (at present)
  • 1 Account Per Person and Per IP (unless authorized by admin to have more than 1 account per IP)
  • PRIOR approval is needed to have more than one account from an IP

If you want more than 2 accounts per IP you must gain approval from the Admins by writing a request on the forums.

Breaking the rules above will result in the secondary account being suspended and potentially permanently banned.

Before the removal of any accounts or characters, a 7-day notification will be sent to you in-game requesting that you submit multiple accounts per IP request. If you fail to do so, both accounts may be banned.

2.) Griefing

Clone Camping, Derogatory or Demeaning Language, Harassment or any action that disrupts or degrades other players experience in SWG Flurry.

Clone Camping - Killing a Player you just killed as soon as they step outside the Cloning Facility and you initiate the attack If they attack you first then fair game. This includes going inside the cloning facility to kill said player again and again

Derogatory or Demeaning Language / Harassment / Slander / Racial slurs - Following a person around after killing them spamming remarks like "You Suck" etc.. in spatial, this includes sending said person private messages as well. This also includes flaming other players in General chat or any of the chat channels. Using false information or preventing other players from trading using slanderous statements.

Kill stealing - Continuously following a player around to kill ONLY the mobs that they are fighting (when there are other, similar mobs nearby that are unengaged) shall be considered griefing.  Competition for unique mobs is part of the game mechanics and will not be considered griefing.

Offensive Strike List 

1st offense - Warning by in-game email

2nd offense - 24-hour ban

3rd offense - 1-week ban

4th offense - Permanent ban

3.) Exploiting / Hacking


If you accidentally come across a bug and report it to an admin/GM/CSR, this is deemed acceptable behavior. If you come across a bug and continually replicate it for personal gain, this is seen as exploiting.

PvP/BH Tefs and housing - When achieved with the use of bomb droids or being able to see the person in a house (windows), getting a person "teffed out" of a house is not an exploit.  Other means to target an otherwise un targetable/unattackable player inside of a house to force them out will be considered exploiting.

Pets and housing - If a player can not get to a target, sending a pet in to attack the target will be considered an exploit.

Exploiting for duplicate/free items will result in a 3-day ban and your entire inventory wiped.

Exploiting game mechanics for the upper hand in PVE/PVP will result in 3 day ban.

Exploiting and risking severe damage to the in-game economy will result in a permanent ban and 30-day ban for any accomplices.


Using third party applications, game modifications, etc, to alter game mechanics/gain advantage is deemed as hacking. If we witness players doing so, your account will be immediately banned and IP address blacklisted from game server and forums.

We have players and senate members actively watching this, recording players and reporting back to us. Be warned.

4.) Fightclubbing 

Fightclubbing with your own characters or guild mates in order to increase FRS rank is against the rules.   If it is determined that you have been fight clubbing, the following actions will take place:

1st offense - Jedi state reset to padawan with no skills

2nd offense - 30-day ban

3rd offense - Permanent ban

Note this does NOT include BH killing Jedi, as the benefit is only that of credits.  

5.) Use of public chat channels

By joining the in game chat channels (General, Trade, Auction, etc.) you must follow the rules above and below code of conduct:

General Chat - to be used for general discussions only, not to be used to advertise services or sales of items.

Trade/Auction - To be used only for trade advertisements (Buying/Selling/Auctioning)

6.) Common courtesy/respect

Admin request should be followed in-game without question. Name calling, failure to respond, failure to comply with reasonable requests, etc are all considered offenses and we will follow the 1 offensive strike process, Refer to the strike list above. Remember, these folks give up their free time to provide you with a FREE server to play this game we all love. Treat them with the respect they deserve.

For Discord, please comply with requests made by Admin members.  This is not the place for disrespect.  Please note, this isn't about pvp smack talk, this is personal attacks against these folks we want to discourage any bad behavior.  Again, they all give up their free time in order to promote a fun environment for everyone.

These rules are to be used as a guideline on what behavior is acceptable.  Admins/CSRs/GMs will use their discretion to determine if actions by a player are punishable as outlined in above.   They are also subject to change via community input or as staff and senate see the need.

The only Current In Game Staff Consist of (In the future we may have more staff that can help out in game)

[Image: giphy.gif]

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