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Install Guide / Set up
Hello, welcome to the SWG Flurry Classic Server.

User Account Approval Process
Launcher Installation Instructions
  • Step 1, Download the -> Flurry Launcher <-
  • Step 2, Download the required server -> MTG Tre files <-
  • Step 3, Make a copy of your swgemu folder and rename it Flurry
  • Step 4, After installing your launcher, Launch the launcher and point your launcher to your New Flurry Folder Example C:\Flurry
  • Step 5, Move all of the MTG Tre files into your new Flurry folder and overwrite any tre if requested.
  • Step6, After moving all the Required MTG Tre files into the flurry folder you will launch the flurry launcher and run a full scan to make sure all of your files are up to date.
  • Step 7, Once you reach 100% complete on your file scan you may now link your forum account to the game server so you can play.

Forum Account Added To Game Server Database
  • Be sure to add your forum account to the game server database, To do this visit the forums, On the top right hand side look for your profile picture avatar, Select and drop down the welcome menu, Locate the User cp, Once you have reached this page, on the left-hand side select SWG Flurry Account Setup, You may now add your account to the game server.
  • -> Add Forum Account To Game Server Database <-
Note, To log into the server you must use your Forum Username and forum password, Resetting your forum account password on the forums will reset your game account password.

Once you have done all of the Above steps you may now launch the game from the Flurry Launcher
[Image: giphy.gif]

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