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This month we will be shortening patches to every week instead of every 4 weeks. 
"This process will help speed up custom content on the live server"

October 1st - November 1st 1 Extra Character Slot Promotion

Dev - Slayers

Quality Of Life Changes
[QOL] Changed vendor listing to 90 days from 30

Custom Content
[Custom Content] Tatooine World Boss added,
[Custom Content] Dantooine World Boss Added
[Custom Content] Corellia and Yavin 4 World Bosses added.
[Custom Content] 20 new craftable furniture items added to loot tables

[Added] Locked Container loot updated
[Added] NGE House schematics added to loot tables
[Added] Crafted 5th Gen sabers added to loot table

[Update] Updated GTC Terminal, fixed and added new locations
[Update] Added GTC Terminals to player shuttle buildings, existing Shuttles will need to be picked up and replaced for the terminal so show up.


[Fixed] BH jedi death xp loss min 50,000 max 100,000 this stacks on top of cloning xp loss. BH and cloning now have lower xp loss.

[Added] Rare Painting Vendor in front of corella starport Accepts only CA/AA only.
[Added] Boosted all Harvester rates by Double
[Added] Lower City maintenance coast for specializations by half the price
[Added] Better values for jedi death XP loss
"jedi who chose 1x will loose 40,000 xp jedi who choose 2x will lose 80,000 xp jedi who choose 2.5x will loose 100,000 k xp These values Double on Double xp Weeknd, 80x, 160x,200x"
[Added] lootable XP Tokens that grant one box full xp
[Added] Scrap System to all junk Items, Radiul menu a junk item recycle it for credits, you can still take them to junk dealers for more credits.
[Added] Rare Artifact system Artifacts can be radial "right click" you can find hidden treasures in these items Remeber if you reveal the treasure you will lose the artifact in its place.
[Added] Imperial Faction Point Tokens Radial menu these items to collect 500 Imperial faction points Can be found on any Rebel npc Item can be traded or sold as well
[Added] Rebel Faction Point Tokens Radial menu these items to collect 500 Rebel faction points Can be found on any Imperial npc Item can be traded or sold as well
[Added] Increased Vote xp for mayors from 300 xp a vote to 3000xp a vote
[Added] Lower city week timer for xp gain on votes from 21 days to 7 days 

[Added] Collection System Tier 1 Crates drop 1 item, Tier 2 crates drop 2 items, Tier 3 crates drop 3 items. 
"Tier 1 items are rolled on  a lvl 100 creature level, Tier 2 items are rolled on  a lvl 200 creature level, Tier 3 items are rolled on  a lvl 300 creature level"

Collection system is available on every single np/ creature in the entire game
Tier 1
crates are 10% 1 item
Tier 2 crates are 5% 2 items
Tier 3 crates are 1% 3 items

Example on how Creature level plays a role.
"If you looted a Clothing or armor attachment from a level 100 creature crate the stats would vary from 5-10 stats,  level 200 creatures would be 15-20 stats level 300 would be 20 -25 stats The higher the creature level the higher the stats on the object when it rolls." This is an example loot crates have tons of items in them.

[Changed] Phase 3 from 24 hours to 1 hour
[Changed] Phase 2 to 1-hour timer instead of 24 hour
[Changed] revealed Decimal on pearls/crystals for jedi
[Changed] /gmfsvillage command to reset phase 1-4 for all players.
[Image: giphy.gif]
For this month of October, I am running a 31-day promotion. You will be allowed to make 1 Extra Character for your account allowing you to now have a max of 6 characters. This promotion ends November 1st. Patch notes will be posted above soon.
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