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Glowy Guide


In order to gain access to the Village of Aurilia you must first be visited by the Old Man, and in order to be eligible for this visit you need to earn specific badges.

The combinations of badges you will need are:

1 Profession badge
5 Content badges
3 Jedi POI badges
2 Difficult POI badges
5 Easy POI badges
Content Badge Options:

Jabba's Themepark
Nym's Themepark
Rebel Themepark
Imperial Themepark
2 Warren badges (Compassion, Imperial Hero)
9 Corvette badges (Rebel, Neutral, Imperial missions – 3 for each faction)
Jedi POI Badges:

Ben Kenobi's House (Tatooine)
Jedi Temple Ruins (Dantooine)
The Temple of Exar K'un (Yavin IV)
Difficult POI Badges:

Ancient Krayt Dragon Skeleton (Tatooine)
Great Pit of Corkoon (Tatooine)
Fort Tusken (Tatooine)
Krayt Graveyard (Tatooine)
Dathomir Sarlacc (Dathomir)
All other POI explore badges are "easy"

For more specifics, please visit the link at the top of this post.

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