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Patch notes coming soon.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Patch Notes,

Crate System Added:
Coming soon Website information for Crates
tier 1 "silver" 
tier 2 "gold" 
tier 3 "platinum" 

Website Crate Information

Friend Referral Crates

Holloween Crates


New Player Resource Pack, designed for new players, a new Day 0 Vet reward has been added, /claim will allow you to gain a resource pack which when opened will give you between 500 and 1000 of 11 different Recycled Resources, this should help fledgling crafters on their first couple of days.

Custom Jedi Robes, Qel-Droma Battle robes type 1 and 2 have been added, these schematics can drop from the Platinum tier crates, you will need to get a tailor to create them for you, you will also need a Cortosis Clothing Treatment, this is an uncommon drop from any crate.

Corellia has had its NPC loot system revamp completed, all Silver, Gold and Platinum Loot containers now have the appropriate loot tables.

Notes: Any creature or NPC has the chance to drop a loot crate, drop percentages are based on the rarity of the crate, all crates have a chance to spawn a crate of the next tier higher when opened.
Platinum tier crates can contain NO-DROP Jedi schematics, this is intended, we did not want Jedi Schematics to end up being on vendors.


Mission terminal no shows up to 25 missions at once, 3 maximum missions in log.

All pirate faction loot (Meatlumps/Hidden Daggers) should now drop again from the correct mobs.

NGE house crafting bonuses have been reinstated, +5 Experience and + 5 Assembly for all crafting types

NOTE: you will need to pick up and replace the house to gain these bonuses.

All player housing signs have been updated to include all available sign types.

Added Jedi Force Shrine to the Jedi and Sith Meditation Room NGE houses, if placed already they will need to be picked up and replaced for the change to take effect.

Locked Container loot tables have been adjusted to drop less potted plant schematics.

Player City Hospitals now have the passive wound healing abilities of the NPC city hospitals.

Tweaked loot values on Ootini and Wildernerf.

Client close object range has been changed from 192 to 512, this should lower the amount of "pop in" of trees and buildings.

All faction NPCs now have the chance to drop consumable Faction items that can grant up to 500 faction.

GTC - Remnant and Temple Mount added as destinations, Imperial Outpost on Yavin4 missing GTC terminal added.

Entertainer buff duration extended to 3 hours.
[Image: h92HKHE.png]
Hotfix Notes,
[Update] All Travel Terminals are now fitted with TUber (Toxic Uber) technology, they will now pick you up and take you directly to your destination without the need to run to the shuttle. TUber uses a new line of Hybrid shuttles this allows for all fares to be set at a standard rate of 1000 credits.
Clicking on your destination will immediately summon your Tuber driver, you will travel as soon as you accept the dialog.

[Update] All Faction NPCs now drop T1 -3 Loot crates in addition to their standard loot, They also now have an increased chance to drop Credit Marks and also consumable faction tokens.

[Update]Faction Requisition officers have returned from being MIA, they now offer to sell Gold T2 crates for 10 Credit Marks and Platinum T3 for 25 Marks.

Static Spawn NPCs around Coronet have had their loot reduced, they can now only drop up to T1 Crates. Usual loot has not been affected.

[Update] Blasterfists should now be craftable again.

[Update] Locked Containers now have a chance to drop T2 crates.

[Fixed] Qel-Droma Battlerobe, should have 300 Max force not 50.

[Fixed] Tosh Travel.. again

[Fixed] Player House Sign locations

Event Updates
[Updated]Afflicted Civilians are now on a much longer respawn, they have also had their loot reduced, they now only have a chance to drop Halloween loot and up to T1 Crates.

[Fixed]Event Bosses now drop the correct loot.

Coming Soon!

Custom graphics for the T1-3 loot containers
[Image: h92HKHE.png]

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