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Installation (Linux Support) Link to our TRE files
SWGEMU will run on Linux machines. However, it has to be manually updated, as our Launcher does not support Linux.

Now assuming you know a little bit about Linux, and you have WINE installed. You can follow our regular instructions of: 

Client Installation Instructions
  • Step 1, Download the -> Flurry Zip File <-
  • Step 2, locate the downloaded Flurry Zip file, now, Right click the zip file, Extract All, The selected path will be \HOME\
  • Step 3, Download all files from Flurry TRE's List
  • Step 4, Head to \HOME\Flurry", In this Folder, you paste all the TRE files you downloaded.
  • Step 5, To start the client, open your \HOME\Flurry folder and double click the SWGEmu.exe icon.

Linux support is currently limited, but will help as best as I can if you are running this OS.
I tried the Linux, but hit a dead end with Flurry.zip.
IF it's just the installer, I can pull the Windoze file and run wine with it.
But if there's something Linux specific, can you check the zip file?
I'm not in a real hurry, Linux still has command pad issues, so I'm just doing this for fun. Smile

You can zip your windows Flurry Folder, and transfer it to your Linux machine. Unpack it. Then launch the swgemu.exe using WINE.

However, you will see some graphical differences due linux using openGL. As there is no DirectX port for linux, the graphics will playable, are not as nice as if you are playing on a Windows machine with DirectX.
Thank you!
Just an "FYI".
Most of us run Linux on a dual boot.
I was able to literally "copy" my Windoze Flurry SWGemu dir over to Linux partition.
Open it up, apply Wine to Swgemu and got it up and running, smooth.

No muss, no fuss.
That's awesome you got it to work on Linux cool thanks for the tip.
[Image: giphy.gif]

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