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[Fixed] Characters being created with bald hair, Old characters that are bald can ID and have hair again!
[Fixed] Weaponsmith custom weapon names and descriptions should be back again.
[Fixed] Removed BARC speeder from Master Artisan default schematics, this should again be a loot drop schematic.

[Added] 2 Extra Robes
[Added] Menu component to all old crates so you can now get your old rewards from old crates you looted

[Updated] Added, even more, loot to npc/creatures on all planets, all existing special drops retained.
[Updated] Artifact loot drop rate temporarily reduced, until full loot tables for artifacts are implemented, Artifact loot has been replaced with the Junk loot table.
[Updated] Janta loot drops increased.
[Updated] All CSR abilities, removed the ability for CSRs to call Bluefrogs.
[Updated] Ui galaxy planet map
[Updated] Locked Container loot adjusted to drop few furniture schematics.
[Updated] Tier 2 & 3 loot crate drops adjusted to drop fewer furniture schematics.
[Updated] Creature Handler mounted pet speeds increased.

9 more days left to create your 6th character slot.
[Image: giphy.gif]
"[Added] 2 Extra Robes."

What do they look like?
It's the neutral "Grey Jedi Robe, and Battle Robe"

[Image: unknown.png]
its looks nice.

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