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Notes Coming soon.
[Image: giphy.gif]
This week has been mostly bug fixes and background work on the new mechanic profession, (which is now on test, you should check it out).

[Fixed] Turned back on Moenia screenplay, Moenia should now have a population again.
[Fixed] New Player Resource Pack now requires 24hs played on Flurry, Sorry Day 0 Vet Rewards have been known to cause errors so this had to be fixed.
[Fixed] Broken loot groups on Bloodrazor Faction NPCs
[Fixed]NGE House schematics will no longer allow factory runs.
[Fixed]BARC Speeder will now require a drop schematic to craft.
[Fixed]BARC Speeder will now take the correct tick damage for use.
[Fixed]Jedi Belts and Robes have had the option to make factory crates removed.
[Fixed]Jedi Diplomat and Consular Robes should now be craftable.
[Added] Custom event creatures, these will be used for Ranger Hunt events, the beasts all drop a massive amount of creature resources when harvested.
[Added]FIrst round of weapons updated to allow use by the custom races.
[Added]Resource names have been edited, Resources will now display their Resource Type and Resource Name by default. You will need to split and restack old resources for the new names to apply, new resources will come with the new naming applied by default.

[Added to Test]
A Beta version of the new Mechanic Class is now on test. You can try out the class, be aware the crafting schematics for the vehicles are still not all complete to their final form, but feedback is requested and encouraged on the overall feel of the class.
[Image: h92HKHE.png]

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