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Endless Connecting to login server
I recently set up a toon and was on the space station when I had to step away. I came back to the game being closed and when I try to login I get an endless "Connecting to login server" Any thoughts on what to do?
The server is currently patching/doing it's weekly 7-day restart. It will be back up shortly. Welcome to the server.
To get help faster you can join our community discord few staff and devs are currently on.
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Ah I guess the websites server status hadn't updated so it confused me a bit. TY and Glad to be here.
Status Updates every 10 mins. The server is currently coming back online right now. should be online in a few seconds.
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Im getting the endless connecting to server issue, it sometimes says that the login server is not working
so ive reinstalled swg and jtl 2x and reinstalled client 2x and it says server unavailable ? also there is no start tab just jakku scene and user credentials ..and I must hit enter to activate
don't know what I did but I'm in and wow the zoom out is f-in awesome!

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