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[Added] 50 new artifact items. Artifacts can now be used as decorations or you can now radial menu them to scrap them for a few credits.
[Added] Flurry Diamond crates These drop 5 component loot items at once bones, blood, tissue, motors, cubes etc etc
[Added] New animations when opening crates / Life Day Items 
[Added] Players are now informed of what damage type they are being hit with. Check combat log to see when struck by a weapon
[Added] New server broadcast for gcw actions pvp,bases related
[Added] Interplanetary travel from regular shuttles
[Added] First Steps for our Heroic Boss Encounter Teleport System
[Added] More extraction when foraging eggs,shellfish,forage items,medical forage items
[Added] force luck and Luck tapes to increase credits gained
[Added] Bigger bonuses to milking creatures
[Added] Requested clothing attachments/armor attachments to loot bioengineer, creature handler, commando tapes
[Added] New dot animations
[Added] Encap Animations
[Added] Increased max group size from 20 to 100
[Added] Aditional effects for force meditation
[Added] Event Vendor in Cnet, see here for his purchase options Coronet Event Dealer

Lifeday Prep
[On Test] Rebel and Imperial Snowtrooper Armor schematics
[On Test] Wampa Loot

[Enabled] Life Day
[Enabled] 2 extra character slots can be made until Jan 1st. 7 characters in total.

[Adjusted] Yellow, Exceptional, Legendary loot chance, This was needed for the new Diamond crates, remember weapons and armor are only craftable, you may not be able to find these items in loot, high-end components will be a lot more rewarding to find now. 
[Adjusted] Galactic Travel cost from 5,000 credits to 1,000
[Adjusted] Stat regenerating when sitting out of combat. This is more rewarding for the player less time sitting in one place.
[Adjusted] Force meditate ticks from 3 force a tick to 10 force a tick
[Adjusted] Leveling up animation / max experience
[Adjusted] join group animation
[Adjusted] Invite group animation
[Adjusted]Bikini / Fleshwrap / Exotic Leotard have all been restricted back to only female characters... (you sick bunch)
[Adjusted]Twilek Headwraps can now only be worn by Twileks again.

[Fixed] Sharnaff loot table now set to the correct template.
[Fixed] Fambaa loot table now set to the correct template.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Server Restarting for a quick Hotfix to fix a few bugs that made there way into the patch. The server will be up in 5-10 mins thanks.
[Image: giphy.gif]

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