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Patch Notes Coming Soon

Make sure you update your Game settings this patch if you are traveling to new Zones/Planets. If you do not update the 2 following settings checked, your game most likely will crash and not work properly. 
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Added] server intro when logging in to spatial chat
[Added] Nova station Boss Teleport Chamber
[Added] Sui option to Boss teleport terminal to allow players to Server broadcast LFG "Looking For Group"
[Added] Group client effects when teleporting to boss dungeons
[Added] GMclienteffect tool to view client effects on targets or self
[Added] default loot tables to all hoth npc/creatures
[Added] wamapa and tauntaun missions to hoth mission terminals
[Added] weather damage to hoth Snow trooper armor and rebel snow armor will prevent damage
[Added] Poi and new badges to hoth
[Added] Galactic travel services and mission terminals to hoth
[Added] Nova Space Station along with REM player city to GTS terminals
[Added] Mechanic profession
[Added] Mechanic trainers, Added option to drop trainers as mayor in your player cities
[Added] Radius checks to notify you that you are in the range of the boss teleporter, if you step out of range you will not be teleported with your group.
[Added] Rebel and Imperial Server Broadcast When Player Base's are being attacked, about to be destroyed, an when they blow up.
[Added] Christmas wampas along with Christmas wampa babies
[Added] New player appearance swap terminal, lets you choose different mobile templates to look like until server restarts or you change back to your normal self, note when changing back a soft log will be required to see yourself fully geared again or you can re equipt everything manually
[Added] Planet Waypoint NPC that will generate POI waypoints for you in your Datapad to exact locations for badges/exploration
[Added] All new client effects for diffrent dots being applied

[Fixed] Koro 2 speeder deeds along with broken strings
[Fixed] All faction armors to be worn by all races
[Fixed] All races to be able to wear PSG
[Fixed] All races to be able to wear all instruments
[Fixed] Bleeding.disease, fire resist, poison Resistant food now should work properly
[Fixed] Missing checks when swimming, swimming causes players to move a lot slower
[Fixed] Mustafar now will properly harm you if you are in lava still a bug where at certain heights the lava won't burn you looking into this.
[Fixed] Plat, gold, silver crates you have to be outside to use them now
[Fixed] rebel/imperial tokens you have to be outside to use them now
[Fixed] Artifacts you have to be outside to scrap/use them now 
[Fixed] XP Starter tokens are now No Trade

[Removed] Server commit log from spatial chat
[Image: giphy.gif]

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