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  Creator : TOXIC

  Date : 03/23/2018


[Disabled] server rules upon login. "Still shows at character creation"

[Fixed] light and dark enclave frs shrines now work properly added new radial options
[Fixed] FRS powers now properly scales damage when ranking in the frs
[Fixed] FRS skill mods now improve all jedi healing abilities

[Added] Improved a few jedi abilities animations 
[Added] Reduction on condition loss for PSG, any armor
[Added] FRS skill mods now properly scale damage when wielding a lightsaber
[Added] Taking cover will now allow you to mitigate a bit more damage than before
[Added] Improvements to the following commands that were reported to have stability problems
find my trainer
kneel command
stand command
prone command
start music command
take cover command
tumble to stand
tumble to kneel 
tumble to prone

[Re-Enabled] vehicles to be used on rori

[Removed] saber block reduction when intimidated

[Reverted] Bh skills that made it into the live branch from test server, the following are reset back to swgemu default.
bleeding shot
body shot 3
confusion shot
eye shot
fast blast
fire lightning cone 1
fire lightning cone 2
fire lightning single 1
fire lightning single 2
knockdown fire
torso shot
[Image: giphy.gif]

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