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I Blame "The Last Jedi".
[Note: I have not seen "The Last Jedi". I was given the "gist" and that was enough..]

For real SWG fans, I don't see how any of you could have stomached it. (I mean, come on, Lea coming back to life?? I would have puked then and there.)
You don't have to be "born" special? Well, let's just toss any pretense of this movie being based on SW out the window. (Almost as bad as the little naobots running around inside us, making us force sensitive..)
What kind of PC nonsense is this?
(Hey, notice how the chicks where in charge of everything and they made a BIGGER mess then the guys??)

My point is this.. (and granted, it's just a theory but it is based on my observance of human nature, having been on this planet for more than 50 years.. )

I BLAME THAT CRAPPY MOVIE for the downturn in the excitement of SWG.
Look around, a lot of servers have seen a slow down. (I checked the forums for most recent posts and they all started slowing down about the same time.)

It will be okay folks, we'll get past it.

Eventually, folks who were violated by that visual mind-rape will recover and realize they have a place to go to act out there Imperial (YES, Imperial! Not that Naz! crap they're trying to make the Empire into) and Rebellion, (notice they're not "Rebels" anymore? Bad connotation to being "rebels"..) fantasies.

And they'll want the best server and that can only mean, FLURRY.

Dr. Ivan Awefulitch of the Madeuptorium was recently quoted as saying, "Zee mind can hold many pictures and those of us who vant to act out in a fantasy vorld can do so, vonce the mind has recuperated from horrible movies... You need to start acting out in your game that has brought you so much joy and peace and relazation.. "

Quite the endorsement, no?

So, just relax guys, it'll be okay. Forget that waste of a film and go back to the good memories of SWG start making new ones and get on with your IMP/REB lives!

This public service announcement brought to you by..
"IF you're RED, you're DEAD"


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